A Literary Review of Kshayaja Kasa

Aarif Khan


Now a day the life style of human being is broadly changed. Due to lack of knowledge of rule and regulation or for avoidance of dinacharya and ritucharya, some disgusting habit like smoking etc. people suffer from many chronic diseases like chronic bronchitis which can be correlated with Kshayaja Kasa. Not only habit but also the environmental pollution is responsible for such diseases, mainly such habit and environmental pollution affect the pranavahasrotas and produce the diseases, Kshayaja Kasa is one of them.  Here it is mentioned that due to dhatukshaya kshayaja kasa occur. Dhatuis loosely translated as tissue and represents the constituents of the body that are not eliminated. The dhatus are the basic varieties of tissues, which compose the human body. Due to lack of proper nutrition to the body, the process of formation of all these Dhatus gets decreased. These decreased Dhatus causes Vata prakopa, which is most important Samprapti ghataka in the pathogenesis of Kshayaja Kasa. In modern system of medicine, anti-biotics, anti-histamines etc. are commonly used for the management of Chronic Bronchitis .Although, they all are suppressing the symptoms, yet, none of these modalities of treatments provide a permanent cure, and have limitations owing to their effects. In other way of treatment ayurvedic drugs have no side effects and widely used in the management of Kshayaja Kasa.

Keywords: Pranavahasrotas, Dhatukshaya, Samprapti, Vata, Chronic bronchitis.

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